9020 - Plus

9020 - Plus

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  • BOTZ Plus increases effects very well on stoneware glazes and enriches the ceramics' brilliance. Apply unevenly on non-fired stoneware glaze, fire at 1250°C / soak 30 min.
  • Caution: May run!
  • Apply BOTZ Plus pure on stoneware clay, fired at 1250°C: Result is an awesome glossy blueish crystalline glaze.
  • If BOTZ plus is applied purely on stoneware clay but fired at 1050°C, a true crackle glaze with a wonderful satin surface evolves. Cracks can be tinted after firing e. g. with ink. 
  • BOTZ Plus also increases effects on earthenware glazes. Caution: runs strongly!


  • tends to run strongly
  • consistent in firing range 1020°-1280°C